Monday, March 30, 2009

Today didn't start out so well. Between Wednesday and Saturday I got over 12 inches of rain! All this water had to go somewhere, and it decided to go down my driveway. My gravel driveway that is.

This morning when I got in the car to go to work I was surpirsed to find a gully right down the spot where I drive. I was aware that it was starting to wash away, but not to this extent. As I was carefully trying to drive around the ravine, I didn't notice the smaller trench at the bottom of the drive and plop....I drove right in. As I got out to survey the damage, I heard the car door lock as it was closing. Of course the car was still running. I hadn't even thought to take it out of gear as it wasn't going anywhere.

I didn't have a spare key to my house door, so I was forced to break the panes in one of my new $200 window. I retrieved a spare car key and turned the car off. I called work to tell them of my misfortune and my tardiness. Then I called a wrecker, which took it's sweet time getting here.

It all turned out OK. I ordered a new lower pane for my window at a cost of $73 dollars. The wrecker was $60. Costly mistake, plus I still have to pay to get my driveway fixed.


At 5:55 AM, Blogger Tony said...

It's a small world. I'm the guy in Hot Springs building a house that you "commented on" recently.

I too am a pilot (private & instrument rating, tailwheel and competition aerobatics signoff). As much flying as I have done (none since starting the house) I've never been up in an ultralight.

I had a Zenith Zodiac 601 about 2/3built, but sold it a year ago.

Okay, so much for introductions. A couple of questions for you.

On your broken window pic, what are the two brands/type of flashing tape used? Why did you need two types of tape?

And secondly, how long has the housewrap been your exterior finish? Do you have something that is impermeable to UV sunlight?

take care...Tony


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