Thursday, October 09, 2008

I Keep Pluggin' Along!

Firstly, I have an administrative issue to address. All comments to this blog are moderated and I have the option to trash them if I feel they are inappropriate. This blog is written for my own enjoyment and the target audience is family, friends and the ultralight flying community if they choose to read. If you don't like my blog the solution is simple...don't read it! It isn't helpful in any way to post profane, derrogatory remarks in a comment. They won't be published. With that out of the way....

The main portion of my roof now has roofing material on it. Rolled roofing really looks bad, so I won't post a picture at this moment. The steeper portions of my roof are still awaiting material. Last weekend I built a platform on the back of my truck to make working on these steep portions a bit easier. I haven't had a chance to try it out yet. I was playing gospel music at Whitewater Camp on Monday and Tuesday night and I just plain didn't feel like working last night. It will get done eventually.

The work platform

My cat Chuck out...he's vicious!


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