Sunday, November 30, 2008

Stariwell and side roof complete

As previously mentioned, I had only one more piece of roofing to install to complete the roof over the stairwell. It was cold and windy today. The cold makes the roofing material stiff and hard to work with. The sun shone through once in a while and it was enough to allow me to do the work, but not warm enough to keep it from being miserable! I installed the last piece and installed four "cap strips" at the peak of the roof. These really didn't want to lay down right because half of each piece was angled. I'm hoping these will lay down flat when exposed to the sun that is forcast for next week. If not, I'll have to reinstall them in the spring when it's warmer.

I'm thinking that since the felt is keeping the western roof portion dry, I may wait until early spring to complete the roofing. The trees on that side of the house shield much of the sun so it will be just awful to try to work the material in this colder time of year.

On the positive side, I only have 165 more square feet of roofing to install, but that also includes the 45 degree x 16" wide portion on the front of the house, which will be even more awkward than the stairwell roof. Oh well! Isn't house construction fun?!


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