Sunday, November 16, 2008

A bit more roofing done

Yesterday it was cloudy, cold and windy. The sun shone through once in a while, but it wasn't long enough to warm up the roofing material so it would lay flat. I nailed on the strips where the roofing cement would hold the material down and generally prepared everything so that I could install the roofing today. It was sunny and about 55 degrees today. Not really warm enough to allow the material to lay flat completely, but warm enough that I could work with it. I installed about 100 square feet today, all of which was over the stairwell, where all the water was coming in. Now I can remove the old ultralight parachute that was catching the dripping water and funneling it into containers on the stairwell landing. I only have 1 more strip of material to install on top of the stairwell before it is complete. The images below show the roofing progress and the parachute that I can now remove. Only about 125 square feet left and I'll be completely finished!

Roofing material installed.

Parachute hanging inside the stairwell.

This small portion is all the roofing I have left!


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