Monday, July 07, 2008

Much progress over vacation!

Back to work today, I sure am glad! People joke when they say they are glad to be back to work where they can rest a bit! Wes and I worked our proverbial "rear ends" off last week during my vacation. We made tons of progress. Dug trenches with a backhoe for the power line and septic tank main line, finished the water supply and waste water plumbing, and finished the shower and toilet installation. My power is hooked up and the breaker box is wired, I have hot water, a utility sink, a toilet and a shower, all in working condition. The telephone line is buried, but I still have to bring it into the house. Before moving in to 1/2 of the house, I have to insulate my bedroom walls and ceiling and buy a small window air conditioner. I think I'll be ready to put a matress in this Saturday and possibly sleep inside the house!


Utility sink. I washed 3 pairs of jeans there last night!

Toilet. Works great!

Breaker box with all breakers wired and installed.

Final connection to septic tank!


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