Wednesday, June 04, 2008

House construction is going much slower than I expected, but it is progressing. These pictures were taken on May 2nd. Physically, the house doesn't look much different now on the outside. All the OSB sheeting and housewrap are up and I've done some work on the eaves and gable ridges. Notice that here are no gable overhangs. This was done for expediency's sake. It's a rural country home with a barn-like feel so it's not a big deal. The pic below shows the front door opening as seen as you drive in. There's actually a door there now!

The pic below shows the stairwell on the south side of the house, opposite the entrance door.

The pic below shows the west side of the house. The portion of the house that juts out is the kitchen toward the south and the living room toward the north.

On the inside, the water supply plumbing is 90% in place and the waste water plumbing is about 75% complete. I've started to erect the partition walls on the inside which is basically just the divider between the bathroom and the bedroom closet.

After wiring is complete on the half of the house that I'll move into initially, I'll install the wall and ceiling insulation, then I can move in! It sure will be nice having a space wider than about 6 feet to move about it!

Remember, this project is still aviation related since I bought the property so that I can put a runway on it and fly from it. I'm closer to that goal than I was a year ago, eh?!


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