Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Oh's cold!

We are having quite an extended cold snap here in the south. Yesterday it was 17 degrees at my place when I woke in the morning! Usually on days like that, it will warm up to the 40's or 50's and then get cold again at night. Yesterday the temperature barely rose above freezing. It was 34 degrees when I went for my walk at about 5PM yesterday evening and was below freezing when my walk was finished.

Tuesday is always a good day to do laundry for me. I load up the washer with jeans and when it fills up it just fails to start. A humming noise was all that could be heard from the motor. My washer is in a portion of the house that isn't yet heated...I didn't know what to do. The pump wouldn't even work! So here I am with 30 gallons or more of water and blue jeans in the washer that are going to freeze solid overnight! I said a little prayer asking God to let my washer last just a bit longer. After several minutes of letting the warm water sit, I jog the timer around to different position. After doing this about a half-dozen times, the mechanism starts working. Praise the Lord! I could hear the ice inside moving around but after it all melted everything seemed normal.

I've been postponing working on the washer. It doesn't spin well anymore and I believe it needs an new transmission. That's right, washing machines as well as automobiles, have transmissions. I don't look forward to working on appliances but I guess I'll have to put it on the priority list along with everything else!