Tuesday, February 08, 2005

More dihederal perceptions

I went flying on Sunday afternoon also. It was a bit windy at altitude. At anywhere from 500AGL to 1000AGL winds were gusting from different directions. I only flew about 40 minutes because it was so windy and it was starting to cloud up with even stronger winds. I'm sure I could have continued to fly, but I didn't like what the weather was doing. I'm convinced that I wouldn't have been up for more than 5 minutes with my old wire setup. I would have been blown around even more. I believe that I'll be flying more in conditions that would have kept me on the ground previously. It's not that I couldn't fly in 10MPH+ winds before...I could. I just didn't have any fun doing it. Now, since I get bumped around less, I'll start to explore what I consider to be flyable wind speed. I like my new wires!


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