Wednesday, January 12, 2005

A little joke that describes the company I work for!

A man was out flying his hot air balloon one day, when he became disoriented and lost. He sees a man on a tractor plowing a field below him and descends to ask the man where he was. “Excuse me…”, said the balloonist, “I’m a bit lost, can you tell me where I am?”, to which the man on the tractor replies, “You are about 30 feet above the ground over my field.” The man in the balloon replies back, “You are only a part time farmer…right? Your full time job is that of an engineer, correct? The man on the tractor was quite surprised and he said, “Why yes, how did you know that?” The balloonist said, “Because you just gave me information that I can’t do anything with." “Hmmm…”, said the man on the tractor. “You must be a manager!”. “Why yes, yes I am, how did you know that?”, The man on the tractor replied, “Because I just gave you exactly the information you asked for, and you still don’t know where you are or where you are going!”

I would imagine that you have guessed by now that I'm an engineer...right?


At 7:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I enjoyed thumbing through your site. We have a lot in common, including the engineer thingy, the divorce thingy, and flying ultralights. We are miles apart on the remarrying thingy tho.

I'm rebuilding a drifter right now and haven't flown since last July. I identified with a lot of your stories, and enjoyed the time spent here.

It's nice sharing the same sky with ya.

-Flying Moose


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