Saturday, January 29, 2005

Rain and cold have me grounded!

Well, no flying this weekend. The "Deep South" has had a little cold spell. Raining with temperatures just above freezing. I won't be flying this weekend! I did have a chance to go last Friday, but it didn't work out. I drove all the way to the airport, a whopping 48 miles, met my instructor friend and his student, who were preflighting and getting ready to fly. I pulled out my plane and did a thorough preflight and I was ready! Then my wife called and told me of this crisis she was having (what the crisis was, I leave to your imagination. A hint...nothing to do with sex) and I had to put my plane back up and go. She told me I didn't need to come home, but I thought that I needed to be there. There will be other days to fly, soon I hope!

I still have my new wing wire set to install. This will lower the dihederal of the wings by half and should noticeably effect the flight characteristics of the old MX! I need to find time to put them on. I hope I'll be reporting soon on the difference it makes!


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