Friday, February 24, 2012

Life gets in the way!

No wonder why progress on my house is so slow! Wednesday night I attended Ash Wednesday service at Robinson Spring UMC. Last night I fixed a plumbing leak for a dear friend of mine who didn't have the ability to fix it themselves nor the resources to call a plumber. Tonight I'm going to see the movie "Act of Valor" with several of my biking friends. Tomorrow at 8AM there is a scheduled 71-mile bike ride. At my pace, that's about 7 hours when you add up the rest stops. That's a whole Saturday of work time shot and I have a leaky roof that needs attending to! Sunday there is church, a relaxer bike ride at 2, then I've been invited to a Praise and Worship service in the evening. When do I work on the house?

Maybe it's time to review my priorities... but then again, don't I have them in the proper order? I will not abstain from church unless I'm sick. I won't sacrifice my health for the sake of the house (I've done that once already). And all work and no play leaves Glen slightly depressed and feeling sorry for himself. Hmmm, it seems quite apparent why the house isn't closer to completion, doesn't it?

Maybe I'll just opt for the Sunday ride and work on my leaky roof. A suitable compromise? Not really, but probably the most prudent thing to do. I'm getting tired of mopping up water and replacing insulation.


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