Friday, February 17, 2012

Home progress once again!

No need to go in to the details, but for one reason or another I have been doing very little work on my house. I have installed some additional foundation supports here and there and still have a bit more to do in that area, but I'm once again working regularly on the house.

Here's a shot showing the framing for the windows in the end gable. The view from these windows will overlook the entrance to my property and provide more natural daylight to the room. They will be picture windows, that is they won't open.

Here's a shot from last night showing the upper room with one of the walls insulated. I'm doing some structure work making a truss out of the roof support structure allowing me to get rid of the post in the middle of the room. This was always the plan, the post was there to expedite construction. Once the post is gone, I will have 18' X 22 1/2' of unobstructed space, hence the name "The Upper Room". Originally designed to be a recording studio, Since it is looking so nice, I'm thinking pretty heavily about making it my bedroom.


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