Monday, June 22, 2009

My son is carrying on the fine tradition of learning how mechanical things work and how to fix them. Today he installed a fuel pump on his Thunderbird. When he was visiting this weekend (I picked him up because his car wasn't running) we discussed and re-discussed all the things that could possibly be wrong with his car. When I inspected it on Friday, my initial thought was a bad fuel pump, but there were two or three other things that could have been the problem. We removed the old fuel pump from my Cougar (almost identical to a Thunderbird) and I let him borrow certain items that he would need to change his pump.

I took him home Sunday afternoon, and helped him get the car on the ramps. From there, we had difficulty getting the gasoline out of the tank. I eventually became soaked with gas and decided to get started back home on the 140 mile trip, in 95+ degree heat, with no air conditioning. I left him to finish the project by himself. He managed to get the gas out last night and drop the exhaust this morning. By noon, I called him and he had it all back together and running. He's turning out to be quite the mechanic. I'm very proud of him! Of course if he managed to mess it up worse than it was before he started, I'd still be proud of him. At least he would have attempted to fix it instead of being afraid to touch it. May God richly bless the resourceful young man.


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