Friday, January 07, 2005

19 hours and counting!

The new 503 has performed flawlessly for 19 hours so far. This time has been accumulated about an hour at a time, sometimes more, over the past three months. The winters are mild in central Alabama, but it still can get pretty cold in a completely exposed cockpit flying at 40 MPH! About the coldest temperature I've flown at is right at 50 degrees, which was just barely tolerable. I fly with a lightweight snowmobile suit and thinsulate gloves. My earmuff style hearing protector or my radio headset keeps my ears warm. I usually wear tennis shoes and my feet stay relatively warm. I haven't worn a head cover yet, but obviously if I were to fly in more extreme conditions, other precautions would be required. I think 50 degrees is about my limit!

The Fort Deposit, Alabama airport, looking northward. Note my shadow at the bottom center. Posted by Hello

Next flying opportunity appears to be this Sunday...supposed to be up to 65 degrees or so with winds below 5 MPH! Looking Good!


At 10:12 PM, Blogger Daniel Bruckner said...

Cool blog, lots of interesting stuff here. Just on question, can an ultralight do a loop-de-loop?

At 10:36 PM, Blogger Rusty UL said...

Certain Ultralights can safely do a loop. The Phantom ( is one of a few that is rated for aerobatics. I have heard of people doing loops in my type of aircraft, but it isn't rated for that and I wouldn't recommend it. Thanks for you comment.


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