Saturday, July 30, 2005

Phantom inspection reveals costly damage

Wes and I went back to the airport yesterday to start disassembly of the cage of the Phantom. It was nice sitting in the lawn chair telling him exactly what I needed done. It seems that surgery recovery has at least one advantage! We found moderate to severe damage to a few components. This unexpected damage caused the budget overrun to grow even bigger. I really should have been more realistic thinking that I could buy a decrepid Phantom for $1800 and be able to restore it for $1000 more, including an engine change. Silly me! The forecast now is that I will have about $6500 total invested. Of course, this could change as inspection continues. Still, if I can have a like-new restoration when I'm done, I will be doing well. Good looking Phantoms can be had for $6500, but you would have to expect some repair/replacement costs as well. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!


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