Tuesday, February 22, 2005

More Thunderbird thoughts

I know this is an ultralight related blog, and I love to fly. I want to be flying right now, but since I can't fly at the moment, I want to talk a bit more about my Thunderbird.

I finally got my Thunderbird SC back on the road after a year and a half of being on jackstands. I originally put it up on the stands because the clutch slave cylinder was leaking so bad that I had to replenish the fluid every day. Replacing the slave cylinder was such a big job that I dreaded doing it. The entire exhaust system had to be removed, the fuel tank lowered (not removed) the driveshaft disconnected and slid out the rear, then the transmission needed to be removed, just to get at the slave cylinder. Of course, all the leaking fluid contaminated the friction material in the clutch, so the whole thing had to be replaced, then everything needed to be reinstalled. All in all, the job took me about 16 hours spread over several days. It wasn't too bad once I got started, but it wasn't easy either.

It was certainly worth the effort. I'm a Thunderbird/Cougar man. I haven't found another car that fits my body as well. I've owned two 1995 Cougars, a 1995 Thunderbird LX, a 1996 Thunderbird LX, but the 1994 Thunderbird SC really is nicer than all of them!


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