Monday, February 21, 2005

No flying this weekend, so lets talk about cars!

Well, no flying this past weekend. Too windy on Saturday and I watched the Daytona 500 yesterday. Damn Jeff Gordon... He's good, but I don't like him. I pull for Mark Martin, who finished 6th. I was working on the clutch replacement for my 1994 Thunderbird SC on Saturday, all day. My hands are all cut up, but I got the tranny back in. When I was installing the exhaust, I dropped one of the manifold nuts into the exhaust, and it got caught up in the catalytic converter and I couldn't get it out. When I do get the nut out and put the exhaust back on, I'll have the car back on the road. It's been on jackstands for about a year due to a leaky clutch slave cylinder, which contaminated the friction disc, so I replaced the entire match. The supercharged 3.8 liter V6 isn't a powerhouse with only 230 ponies, but it sure is fun to drive! I'm looking forward to it.


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