Monday, April 03, 2006

It wasn't to be...

With all my preparation for flying this weekend, it wasn't to be. It was cloudy and foggy on Saturday early when the winds were supposed to be mild. I didn't leave my house until 9:00AM or so and the winds were already picking up. I arrived at the airport a bit before 10 and the windsock was blowing straight out. I figured that I would do some work on the MX. I greased the driveline bearings, switched out the crappy Harbor Freight wheels that I tried last year for the real wheels. I also removed my radio mount and antenna so that I could install it on my Phantom. It didn't work well at all on the points engine. After re-installing the prop after the shooting the grease to the bearings, I started the engine and taxied around the tarmac allowing the engine to warm up. Then I put it back in the hangar and topped off the tank with fresh gas and left to go home.

On Sunday, I didn't get out to the field until about 1:00. The wind wasn't blowing at all at my house, but at the airport, it was pretty breezy. When I got out of my car and glanced at the MX, it appeared that the tank was empty! As I got nearer, I could see the dark stain on the gravel underneath and my seat cover was wet. After investigation, I found that one of my primer lines was split at the plunger and 5 gallons of gas had dripped out overnight. I repaired the line and trotted off to the gas station for more fuel. By the time I got back and put the fuel in, the wind was gusting quite a bit. I used my Halls airspeed indicator to check the speed and I got more than a few gusts that were 15MPH, so reluctantly, I decided not to fly. I'm sure I could have, but it just wouldn't have been any fun. Now that daylight savings time is in effect, I'll be able to leave after work and get to the airport with about an hours worth of air time. I'm really itchin' to fly!


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