Wednesday, June 01, 2005

No flying, but the weekend wasn't totally lost...

No flying this weekend, I'm sad to say. I did replace both Main tires on my MX and a little bit of preventive maintenance on Sunday. Put some grease on the nosewheel pushrod springs and bearings to quiet the squeak. I wrapped some black electrical tape on some of the ignition wires that I had previously shielded with wire braid. I was trying to make the unsightly spots a bit better looking. I'm not sure if I succeeded. I also replaced the bolt and nut that secures my propeller to the output shaft. I noticed about 12 or so hours ago that over time, it would loosen enough to allow the prop to move just a touch on the output shaft. Period tightening was required. I originally used a nylon-inserted locknut, but changed to a used, all-metal locknut which seemed to retain it's tightness a bit better, but periodic tightening was still required. This weekend I replaced the bolt with a new one, with new washers and a brand new all-metal locknut. I took a test flight, but it was too windy to enjoy, so I came right back down. I hope this new bolt and nut fix the problem.

Since I can't say any more about flying, let me speak a bit about another one of my There was a music festival in Montgomery (Jubilee Cityfest), just as there always is on Memorial Day weekend. I saw some big-name bands like REO, The Wallflowers and The Black Crowes. Notice I didn't say "Good" bands. REO was good, showing off their polished show and Kevin Cronin sang as well as I've ever heard him. They don't have their original guitarist (Gary Richrath) anymore, instead for the last few years Dave Amato of Ted Nugent fame has been playing. He's OK, but he's no Gary Richrath. Also, the original drummer has been replaced by studio drummer Brian Hitt, who did a respectable job. Enough about REO. I certainly wasn't impressed by The Wallflowers or The Black Crowes, although the Black Crowes singer Chris Robinson sounded as good or even better (not saying too much) than on some of the recordings they have made over the years. I also saw The Georgia Satellites and I wasn't expecting much from them. I was pleasantly surprised when they put on a great show! Rick Richards, the only guitarist, was exceptional. Being a guitarist of over twenty years, I'm a fan of multi-guitar bands. Rick was so fluent with his rhythm and lead-like riffs, It didn't even bother me that there was only one guitar. Didn't even miss it. To me, he really made the show. The bassist and co-lead singer was good as well as the drummer and keyboardist. I don't have any Georgia Satellites in my collection, nor do I know any of their songs other than "Keep your hands to yourself" and "Hippy Hippy Shake", but yesterday I carefully researched and purchased one of their greatest hits compilations called "The Essentials". Can't wait to hear it and see what I think of them then.

On a sad note...I learned on Saturday that one of the few friends that I have was involved in a bicycle accident last Tuesday and died of his injuries on Thursday. I attended his memorial service on Monday to remember his life and memorialize his death. It has affected me more than I have imagined and my friend Louis will be missed.


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