Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Friday, June 24th

Friday morning began at 5:30 when I woke up from only about 3 hours sleep. I had to get ready for 6:00 breakfast at Lucky Linda's. Andrew had arrived early that morning, about 2:00...just about the time I was falling asleep. Louis and Charlie were still sleeping and I chose not to wake them. I'd only met them the day before and I didn't know their plans. I didn't wake Andrew either, because I knew he had to be tired and I also had never met him. I got to Linda's right on time and Kyle and Father Lee were already there. We had introductions as Mark and Steve arrived. Shortly after, Louis and Charlie appeared and we had a great breakfast.

Friday was more of the same as Thursday, same weather, same heat...different people. First thing after getting back from Linda's, I had to visit the porta-pottie at the Radio Control field at the end of the long diagonal runway. When I returned to the hangar, there was a bright orange X-Air model H parked along the runway. Cool plane. It belonged to Dan Kessinger. Dan didn't stay long and headed back to his place in Munfordville, Kentucky early on. Kyle and Andrew wasted no time getting familiar with the gray and orange planes. Then "Crazy Andy" showed up! He did some things in a Quicksilver that I've only seen pilots like Chuck Yeager and Bob Hoover do in GA planes. "No Fear" should have been Andy's motto! Andrew (from New Hampshire) is a budding young pilot with tons of experience and hopes of Navy jet piloting, saw "Crazy Andy's" little routine and wasn't about to be out-done! By the end of the day was doing much of the same stuff. Low aerobatics are a high-risk event. I hope both of these guys live to be "old" pilots. Altitude is your friend. A few people showed up in their planes during the day. Kentucky Keith showed up in his Super MX and some georgeous MXs and MXLs also flew in. Lunch was at Linda's this day, and I just ate too much. I was worthless until evening. I was so sorry that I even ate dinner when Mark started to cook, even though I wasn't really hungry. At dusk, I cracked open a beer and enjoyed a few well into the dark hours and went to bed around 10. Another great day.


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