Tuesday, June 28, 2005

And now it's over....

That's it folks...what else can I say. My wife has already told me I'm too long winded because I always tell her that her verbal stories are too long and take up too much of my time. I told her that the goal was to paint a mental image, and it takes a lot of words to make the canvas come alive. I hope you have enjoyed my recollection of the events, but by all means I didn't write about everything. It's kind of hard to know exactly how to fit Pigtail, the airport dog, into the story, but she always accompanied Mark and I when we went to the Schnucks (a great grocery store in Evansville) and to get gas. It's also hard to really convey the humor and belly laughs when Steve-O suggested we produce some episodes of Orange County Chopper: Ultralight Division, and then proceed to explain the workings of Stevie and Tommy when they used to help build planes and sew sails. I assure you...it WAS hilarious. The conversations and camaraderie amongst all the folks who attended couldn't have been better. It will surely be a time that I will never forget.


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