Sunday, May 08, 2005

Summer is just about here!

I got some good flying time in yesterday evening and this afternoon. Yesterday I just was flying about in the same old places, just to be flying. I flew over to my instructor friend Don's house to see what was so important to keep him from flying. Seems he was making his pond bigger with a backhoe, or at least that's what it looked like.

I entered a Ford car show yesterday in Prattville and met a few of the people who post on the Thunderbird/Cougar Club Of America (TCCOA) It was a pretty cool show, lots of non-Ford cars there as well, including a 1969 Plymouth Superbird! Bunch of cool Mustangs and all there too. The downside of attending the car show was that I missed TWO different fly-ins, one of which I surely would have flown to. I didn't find out about the Prattville fly-in until this morning when it was too late. Oh well, I'll get over it. I flew about 1.3 hours yesterday evening with just a long sleeve T-shirt on, but I tell ya, it was COLD at 2000 feet. I was quite chilled and ready to land way before I actually did.

Today I flew to the Luverne, Alabama airport. It was about 25 miles from my home base at Ft. Deposit. I was lucky enough to catch a guy working on his Phantom. First time I've ever sat inside one. Lot's more cozy than my Quicksilver, but I could probably get used to it! I flew two hours exactly today. I took a few pictures on both days. You will find them below.


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