Wednesday, May 04, 2005

I'm looking for a Phantom....

Phantom ultralight, that is. I think it's about time for me to at least investigate an ultralight that is a bit faster and a bit more manuverable. I have always liked the looks of the Phantom and the structural integrity is very good, since is aerobatics capable. I don't know how much aerobatics I would do, if any, but it's nice to know that your airframe has the strength to do so if you want/need to!

Obviously, cost IS an issue. I've invested over $6500 in my MX since I first bought it for $3500 in 1995. It is an excellent airplane, but obviously the market won't bear that kind of a price. I'm looking for a part 103 legal (or just slightly over-weight) Phantom that someone would like to trade...even-up. I'd like the sails to have at least another 2 good flying seasons before replacing, and I don't mind doing some repairs to it. If it doesn't have a BRS parachute, I'll have to swap mine from the MX to put on the Phantom, per wife's mandate!

If you happen to read this and know of a Phantom that is in safe, flyable condition within about 200 miles of Montgomery, Alabama, please drop me a line!


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