Sunday, April 03, 2005

Lots of activity today at Fort Deposit!

I arrived at the airport today about 10:00AM. Fort Deposit is generally a very laid-back place with hardly anything going on. Not so today. As I was pulling up, there was quite a large agricultural airplane landing on the runway. His support group was there loading the airplane with fertilizer, and he would take off again, only to arrive back and land for another load. I watched the cycle a few times, took a few pictures, and pulled out my MX to work on it. I worked for a few minutes and then I stopped to watch a Piper Arrow land on the runway and meet somebody on the tarmac. If this wasn't enough activity, just throw in an Army Blackhawk helicopter taxiing and hovering about the runway! Talk about a mini-airshow! I didn't fly...I'll post about that on Monday. It was such a clear day also. Just to cap off an already busy day at the airport, while I was getting a drink at the gas station before going home, two pairs of A-10s flew over the building at about 300 feet AGL! They caught me by surprise so I didn't get any good shots, but I did post the only one I got just to prove they were there!


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