Friday, April 15, 2005

Easy to join Yahoo quicksilver group from my blog...

I just added a button and link in the right-hand margin of my blog to make it easy to join the Yahoo group "Quicksilver Ultralight Owners" (the group name is all strung together without spaces). I would like to invite anyone who might be contemplating owning any of the flavors of Quicksilver-type aircraft to join this group and lurk, ask questions and learn. There are about 10-15 regulars who post all the time, among which are Dave Matheny who writes for EAA "Sport Pilot" magazine almost every month. Also, Mark Smith shares his wealth of knowledge gained over the last 3 decades or so of flying, selling, and making spare parts and upgrades for these types of aircraft. There are others, including myself, that post questions, answers and advise all the time. Since the advice is free, it's up to you to determine the credibility of the source and the soundness of the advice, but with Mark there to comment (and his sidekick Steve Gould) it makes it easier to read with discernment.

Others regular contributors own several types of Quicksilver or "Quick-a-likes" as we like to call aircraft built by others in the same general style. These contributors are, at the very least, entertaining, and at the opposite end, very informative. Please join if you think you would benefit from the exchange of information. I check the postings there several times a day!


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