Sunday, March 27, 2005

Severe weather

This weekend was fairly ugly weather-wise. I had Friday off and it was beautiful, but I was out of town visiting some friends. Saturday morning about 8:00 would have been great for flying...about 72 degrees and zero wind, but I had to change rear brake pads on my wife's Bonneville. That should have been an easy hour job, but it ended up taking three plus hours (Don't ask!). Saturday afternoon we had severe thunderstorms and a few tornado warnings in my county (Elmore, Alabama) and surrounding counties. This lasted the rest of the day and night and continued all day today. About noon today, we had a five-minute hail shower, with marble size hail, and a few pieces as big as a quarter from what I saw. I had to drive my son back to his house in Columbus, Georgia (about 112 miles one way) around 2:00PM. Heavy rain the entire trip there and back. I think we ended up getting about four inches of rain today.

All this weekend, the same weather (or worse) was hitting Fort Deposit where my airplane is stored. I sure hope it didn't receive any damage!


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