Monday, June 21, 2004

Finally in the air!

Well, I won't go into all the details and trials and such, I've already been too long-winded about much of the history. Needless to say, as the picture shows, I was able to get airborne and start to enjoy flying!

Just to restate for the record....Unless you want to end up dead, don't think you can fly one of these without instruction. At the point the picture above was taken, I had over 12 hours of instruction and 50+ hours flying the airplane.

To be perfectly honest, the picture above was not my first flight since the restoration of the Quicksilver MX. Previously, I made about a dozen short flights down the 2800 foot long runway, checking engine tempertures and such. I had a very tough time dialing in the carburetor fuel/air mixture to give acceptable readings. This engine was very touchy, like I had never experienced previously. It always idled very poorly and I couldn't get the right idle mixture setting. One jet was too rich, the next leaner jet was too lean. I dealt with it by nursing the throttle when advancing power for takeoff, otherwise the engine would get too much fuel and die. I also never let the engine idle in flight for fear of quitting.


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